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After living in Naples for several years and meeting many ex-law enforcement and military personnel, the common theme between most was the lack of job opportunities in the area. Wanting to make a difference, we thought the Home Watch Industry was the perfect opportunity to achieve that.

The Home Watch industry while ubiquitous across Naples is still very informal and in need of a highly professional approach to a long-standing issue for most seasonal residents, someone they can trust caring for their home when they are away. The idea was to create a social business that addresses multiple stakeholder while having the ability to be able to stand on its own two feet.

We decided to set out on this adventure together, father and son.

Pat and Patrick, we are the co-founders of Halo Home Watch. The goal is to help as many homeowners as they can while creating as many jobs as we can for those who have served us.

Both of us have had the opportunity be in the service industry our entire careers but unique backgrounds that bring a diverse skillset to the table.
Pat has over 23 years of law enforcement experience with over 15 years of experience as a detective. He and others like him know what it takes to be safe and understand that integrity is everything. Bringing together this pursuit of character and trust with the certification of the National Home Watch Association presents an amazing blend of value for potential customers who can be gone for up to 8 months a year and need someone to rely on!

Patrick has over 8 years of business and consulting experience with an MBA and CPA and is also in the process of obtaining a Florida real estate license. He has had the opportunity to advise and assist in the growth of many Fortune 500 companies from a wide array of industries. Further, his ability to analyze operations and provide strategic insight has enabled him to create over $77 million in shareholder value throughout his career.

Together, we think we have an amazing combination of skills aligned in common value to transform the industry and more importantly, care for your home when you are away!


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